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Vocabulary: Tourist attractions and activities

Lisez les définitions et écrivez les mots que vous entendez.
Read the definitions and type in the words that you hear.
Écrivez le mot associé à la définition Help on how to respond the exercice
A place where vegetables, fruit, and specialities can be bought.

 Au ......
A place where works of art can be admired.

 Au ......
Showing works of art to the public.

 Une ...
A place where you can bathe in the sea.

 À la ...
A place where marine animals can be seen.

 Au .... aquatique
A place where animals can be seen.

 Au ...
nbOk1 word (s) spelled correctly
nbOk2 word (s) incorrectly stressed
nbKo word (s) to correct
Watch out !
Well done !
Published on 03/12/2017 - Modified on 02/07/2018

Vocabulary / Tourist attractions and activities

chapelle (la) - visiter une chapelle [chapel - to visit a chapel]
église (l'/une) - visiter une église [church - to visit a church]
exposition (l'/une) - visiter une exposition [exhibition - to visit an exhibition]
marché (le) - aller au marché [market - to go to the market]
monument (le) - visiter un monument, admirer un monument [monument - to visit a monument, to contemplate a monument]
musée (le) - aller au musée, visiter un musée, visiter le musée de la parfumerie [museum - to go to the museum, to visit a museum, to visit the Perfume museum]
parc aquatique (le) - aller au parc aquatique, visiter le parc aquatique (water park - to go to the water park, to visit the water park)
zoo (le) - aller au zoo [zoo - go to the zoo]

atelier (l'/un) - participer à un atelier [workshop - attend a workshop]
œuvre (l'/une) - admirer une œuvre [a work of art - to contemplate a work of art]
parfum (le) - sentir un parfum [perfume/scent - smell a perfume/scent]
spécialité (la) [speciality - to discover a speciality]
visite guidée (la) - faire une visite guidée [guided tour - to take a guided tour]

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