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Pronunciation: Gestures associated with word groups

Regardez la vidéo et lisez les phrases. Cliquez sur la syllabe qui est prononcée à la fin de chaque geste.
Watch the video and read the sentences. Click on the syllable that is pronounced at the end of each gesture.

Mer ci pro fe sseur.

Une é mi ssion qui ra conte {l'his} toire {d'un} mot

ou qui ex plique un point de gra mmaire.

{C'est} une é mi ssion quo ti dienne.

{J'ai} donc be soin {d'une} i dée par jour.
Geneviève Briet, Université catholique de Louvain
nbOk correct item (s) selected
nbKo item (s) wrongly selected
nb item (s) still to be selected
Watch out !
Well done !
Alors, dites-nous professeur !
Le professeur
“Merci Professeur !“. Une émission qui raconte l'histoire d'un mot ou qui explique un point de grammaire.
C'est une émission quotidienne. J'ai donc besoin d'une idée par jour. Posez-moi vos questions sur par courriel ou par cybercaméra, ce que certains appellent une webcam ! Je vous répondrai, si je peux.
Ah merci.
Le professeur
Merci qui ?
Merci Professeur !
The student So tell us, teacher! The teacher "Merci Professeur !" is a show which teaches us the history of words or explains grammatical rules. Because this is a daily show, I need one idea per day. Ask your questions by email or cybervideo (also known as a webcam) on! I'll answer if I can. The student Okay, thank you. The teacher Thank you who? The student Thank you, Sir!

Pronunciation / Gestures associated with word groups

In French, you don't pause between each word. French-speakers will pronounce 6 syllables in a row smoothly, no breaks in between. When speaking French, you put energy into the end of a group of syllables or a word group. You put noticeable stress on the last syllable to add emphasis. That stress indicates the end of the word, and helps you understand the word better. You convey energy through your voice, but also with your body. When speaking French, you move on stressed syllables. The energy in the body is linked to that of the voice. French-speakers often add a gesture to their speech patterns. The movement ends with the rhythmic group. An easy way of spotting word groups is by watching how the body moves.

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