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Culture(s): Social security and health insurance

Regardez la vidéo et choisissez la bonne réponse.
Watch the video and select the correct answer.
Cochez la ou les bonnes réponses Help on how to respond the exercice

Quelle condition faut-il pour être ausculté ?
Avoir un téléphone.Avoir une carte de mutuelle.
La carte de mutuelle est...
annuelle (valable 1 an). mensuelle (valable 1 mois).
Qui bénéficie de cette carte ?
Seulement les enfants.Toute la famille.
Que permet le ticket modérateur ?
Le patient paye 200 francs rwandais pour toutes les maladies. Le patient paye 100 francs rwandais pour toutes les maladies.
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Published on 03/04/2013 - Modified on 13/12/2019
Voix off
Ici, pas de salle d’opération, bien sûr ; l’équipe dispense conseils et soins de base. Seule condition pour y être ausculté : posséder une carte de mutuelle. Un coût annuel certes à supporter pour le foyer, mais un sésame pour toute la famille.
Le docteur
C’est important parce que comme les patients ont payé préalablement pour la carte de mutuelle, ils peuvent se faire soigner à moindres frais. Ils ont aussi le système de ticket modérateur, ce qui permet au patient de ne payer que 200 francs rwandais, quelle que soit la maladie.
Voice over There is no operating room here, of course; the team gives advice and provides basic care services. The only condition for an examination is having a health insurance card. This is certainly an annual expense that a household must bear, but it is the key for the whole family to be cared for.The doctor It's important because since the patients paid beforehand for the health insurance card, they are able to get care at a lower cost. The co-payment system is also an option for them, which allows the patient to only pay 200 Rwandan francs, regardless of the illness.

Culture(s)/Social Security and health insurance

In your country, are you reimbursed for consultations with the general practitioner or dentist? Do you receive sickness benefits subsidised by the health insurance system if you are sick and cannot work? Is it possible to buy all types of medicine without a prescription? Is it possible to buy all types of medicine without a prescription?
Like in Rwanda, there is a public health insurance system in France, Belgium and Switzerland for people who contribute to an insurance scheme. Private health insurance is often financed by employers of large companies, which pays for the rest of the fees that are not covered by the public system. For example, it would refund the charges of a private room in the case of hospitalisation. In France, consultations with health professionals are subsidised by social security; generally, the medical fees are paid for upfront and then refunded after. To be reimbursed, you must present your insurance card (called the "carte vitale") issued by the social security system. Prescribed medicine is also reimbursed. Traditional medicine known as alternative or unconventional medicine is not covered. In France, the CMU (universal health coverage) allows people who are not salaried employees to have access to health insurance.
In general, people pay for a complementary health insurance which gives them further coverage on the fees that are not paid for by Social Security. There are many chemist's shops and in the richest regions, there are several products sold that don't require a prescription: vitamins, pain medication, cosmetic products, sunblock, toothpaste...
In Canada, the health system is public and free for all Canadian citizens or for those who have a "landed immigrant" status. However, foreign students and visitors are required to buy private insurance in order to have health coverage. It is more than recommended to have health insurance when travelling to Canada: the doctor's bill or hospital bill is very, very expensive!!!

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