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Culture(s): smoking or anti-smoking

Regardez la vidéo et observez le comportement des personnes à propos de la cigarette.
Watch the video and observe the people's attitudes about smoking.
Glissez-déposez les éléments Help on how to respond the exercice
The sick person is smoking a cigarette.
The policeman is not smoking.
The hospital is a public place.
The policeman writes up the person who is smoking inside a public place.
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Watch out !
Well done!
Conception: Geneviève Briet and Laure Destercke, Catholic University of Louvain
Published on 01/04/2013 - Modified on 13/12/2019
Premier extrait
L'homme en chaise roulante

Deuxième extrait
L'homme qui fume
Le policier
Pas chaud, hein ?
L'homme qui fume
Non ça... Vous devez sacrément vous geler dehors...
Le policier
Comme vous dites. Dommage que vous ne soyez pas venu vérifier de vous même. Votre cigarette : c'est un lieu public, vous êtes à l'intérieur. Je vous verbalise.
L'homme qui fume
Ben, attendez. Je ne savais pas.
First excerptThe man in the wheel chair Hi.Second excerptThe man who is smoking Hi.The policeman It's chilly, isn't it?The man who is smoking No it's... You must really be freezing out there!The policeman Yeah, like you said. Too bad you didn't go outside to see for yourself. Your cigarette: this is a public place, you are inside. I'm writing you up.The man who is smoking Well, hold on. I didn't know.

Culture(s) / Smoking or anti-smoking

In your country, in your culture, is smoking regulated? If this is the case, do you think that this regulation is justified? Too strict? Not strict enough? Is it customary to smoke in the street, in public transport, at the office, in hospitals, restaurants and in hotels at breakfast? Are there a lot of places that sell cigarettes, cigars, tobacco?   In several countries in the European Union, like in France in 2007, but also in Switzerland and Canada, smoking is prohibited in public places like on public transport, except for specific areas reserved for smokers. Smoking is banned in all enclosed and covered areas open to the public or serving as a workplace: offices, entryways of hospitals, clubs, casinos, underground car parks. Smoking is still allowed on café or restaurant patios or in smoke rooms that have a ventilation system. In France, increasing numbers of people are using electronic cigarettes, which are allowed in covered areas. At the end of 2012, according to the estimates of manufacturers, about 500,000 people were regularly using electronic cigarettes and about a million people have tried it. (1) France has about 16 million smokers. A third of the people between the ages of 15 and 85 (32%) smoke occasionally, 36% men and 28% women. Between the ages of 18 and 34, about 1 out of 2 people smoke. (1)   In Vancouver, Canada, smoking on patios is prohibited and must be done at least 6 metres from the entrance of the building. This ban resulted in seeing many more people smoking in the street than ever before. (1) According toélectronique and, accessed in December 2013.  

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