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Culture(s): punctuality

Testez vos connaissances. Répondez à ce quiz sur la ponctualité en France ou en Belgique. Consultez l'aide.
Test your knowledge. Take this quiz on punctuality in France or in Belgium. Check the help section.
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You have a 10 o'clock business meeting in France. When do you get there?
You get there at 10am, because you must be on time.You should be very early, so you get there at 9:30am.You should give them the 15 minute courtesy, so you get there at 10:15am.
In France, the 15 minute courtesy means:
arriving late to a business meeting, so as not to be rude.arriving 15 minutes early to a friend's house to help them prepare.coming a few minutes after the arranged time at a friend's so they can be ready.
You're in France or in Belgium, and your train leaves at 2:30pm.
You get there long before the scheduled departure because trains always leave early.You get there a little early because trains are on time.No need to rush, trains always leave late.
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Published on 03/05/2013 - Modified on 10/12/2019

Culture(s) / Punctuality

In your country and culture, what time would be acceptable to arrive for a business meeting scheduled at 10am, or a language lesson scheduled at 2pm? Where would you put your culture on a "punctuality" scale? Must you arrive at the exact time? From one culture to another, the notion of time, including everything relying on that notion, varies widely: punctuality, respecting work hours and meeting times... Must you call ahead or apologise if you are late, if you cannot make it to a meeting, even if it's informal? Are people always in a hurry? What value is placed on a slow pace? Can you "take your time?" Western francophones are punctual for meetings of a professional, medical, and educational nature. It is frowned upon to waste other people's time by being late. This rule is take even more seriously with regards to public transportation - like high-speed trains, for instance - where every second counts. As a general rule, you call ahead to let people know if you're going to be late to a meeting. However, in France, for informal meetings amongst friends, it is not considered rude to arrive late: this is called the fifteen minute courtesy.

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