TV5MONDE launches a free mobile application to learn French from videos.
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3.000 exercises on mobile phone

Our website "Learning French with TV5MONDE" is free of charge. It offers 3.000 online exercises to learn French from videos, programs and news reports.
You can now find all these exercises directly on your phone, to learn French from anywhere.
The exercises are proposed at 4 levels:
  • A1 beginner,
  • A2 elementary,
  • B1 intermediate,
  • B2 advanced.
Appli visuel
The exercises on the site are available in a mobile application.
The application interface is translated into the 8 languages of the site:
  • German,
  • English,
  • Arabic,
  • Korean,
  • Spanish,
  • Japanese,
  • Brazilian Portuguese,
  • Vietnamese.
The application will be released in October 2019 and will be compatible with Android and iOS, on phones only.

What are the differences with the site?

You can find three types of content on the site:
  • exercises from videos included in the application,
  • text-based help, to improve your vocabulary, understand a grammar rule, learn more about cultural habits or improve your pronunciation → included in the application, but only within the exercises,
  • a TCF simulator, the French Knowledge Test → not included in the application.
The biggest change is the appearance of the exercises, which has been completely redesigned to fit a mobile display. The exercises are very intuitive to make learning as pleasant as possible.

What does it look like?

As on the site, the exercises take different forms to have variety:
  • multiple-choice questions,
  • crossword puzzles,
  • texts with gaps,
  • etc.
Everything is optimized for a mobile display.
Visuel type article
Mixed words and sentences to be ordered in the app.
As on the site, you also get instant feedback on your answers, to understand your mistakes and progress. You can do the exercises as many times as you want, until you get the right answer.
Finally, comments guide you through each step, help you overcome your difficulties and give you tips on how to learn more effectively.
Display of the right and wrong answers in the application.

Can I save my progress?

The exercises are generally done in 4 steps, your progress is saved.
Yes! On the site, you can save your progress by creating an account. You can add exercises to your favorites to find them later or check your history of right and wrong answers.
In the application, you don't need an account, everything is automatic. All your answers are saved, as well as your history. Are you on public transport and need to stop in the middle of a question? It doesn't matter, when you come back to the exercise, you will find it exactly as you left it.