There are tens of thousands of words in the French language. TV5MONDE helps you memorize some of them with a tried-and-tested method.

Spaced repetition and the Leitner system

The "Learn French with TV5MONDE" application uses a vocabulary memorization system based on repetition at more or less frequent intervals. The technique, inspired by the "Leitner system", is relatively simple. French words are presented in cards with a context of use. You have to guess what the word means. You can say the word mentally or aloud, then check by turning the card over.
Exemple de flashcard

How does it work?

If you get it wrong, the word will be presented again very quickly. If you know the word, it will be presented in a longer interval.

When you review a card and give the right answer, the word is moved to the next level. If you don't give the right answer, the word returns to the previous level. In this way, the words you master progress through the boxes, while those you forget are revised more frequently.

Le système Leitner en image

A personalized space

Cards are automatically sorted into "tiers" according to your level of mastery. There are 5 levels, corresponding to 5 levels of mastery. Words in Level 1 are those you haven't yet memorized. When a word reaches level 5, you've hit the nail on the head! Soon it will be memorized forever!

The French word will be presented to you at least 5 times, more or less closely, depending on whether or not you've found the right answer. The system allows you to concentrate on the words that pose the most problems: the harder you have to remember a word, the more you'll see it appear in the games and cards. Your memory is regularly challenged until the word is embedded in your long-term memory.

The whole process is managed automatically by the application, so that the learning process runs smoothly.

Révision automatique

The extra video

This system is also integrated into our video-based learning offer. You can do listening comprehension exercises or improve your vocabulary while watching French-language programs.
Apprentissage de vocabulaire en vidéo

There are many ways to learn words and expressions in a foreign language. We've listed some of them in our help section.

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