Want to learn French by watching interesting videos? It's possible with TV5MONDE, the French-speaking world's TV channel, and the "Apprendre le français" application.
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New: memorize vocabulary

Des captures d'écran de l'application « Apprendre le français » avec TV5MONDE qui illustrent la fonctionnalité d'apprentissage du vocabulaire
The "Learn French with TV5MONDE" application now provides personalized help for each learner to memorize vocabulary, thanks to an algorithm inspired by the Leitner system.

Using word lists designed by TV5MONDE, learn everyday vocabulary easily and let the app guide you through personalized games based on your knowledge. Some of the videos in the exercise series also feature a complementary vocabulary learning module based on the transcript.
The database of several thousand words is translated into the application's 9 languages, and learning can take several forms:
Exemples de jeux

For all levels

Choisir son niveau dans l'application

First choose your level from the 4 available:

  • A1 beginner,
  • A2 elementary,
  • B1 intermediate,
  • B2 advanced.

Then select the interface language. You can stay in French if you're comfortable, or choose one of the 9 translation languages:

  • German,
  • German, English,
  • Arabic,
  • Korean, German
  • Korean, Spanish,
  • Japanese,
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Russian,
  • Vietnamese.

The application is completely free of charge, and is compatible with Android and iOS, on mobile phones only.

The exercises in the Première classe avec TV5MONDE course, for beginners in French, are translated, as are the transcriptions of the videos.

4,000 exercises

Exemples d'exercices pour apprendre le français en vidéo

Quickly improve your oral comprehension of French, based on dialogues between real French speakers. With TV5MONDE, learning French has never been easier. Take advantage of the opportunity to :

  • hear and understand contemporary French as spoken around the world,
  • learn to look at and analyze images
  • enrich your vocabulary,
  • test your grammatical knowledge,
  • discover French-speaking cultures.

The activities take different forms to vary the pleasures. You'll learn with multiple-choice questions, crosswords, fill-in-the-blank texts and more. In all, over 4,000 exercises are available, enough to fill your evenings for some time to come.

Hundreds of videos

Des vidéos pour apprendre le français
Now you're ready to start learning French by watching videos from TV5MONDE. There are hundreds of videos on every subject: music, fashion, cooking, art, history, daily life, current affairs... Worried you won't understand everything? Don't worry, each video is accompanied by a guide to help you understand. These guides are designed by experienced French teachers and reviewed by TV5MONDE's educational teams. The videos are updated every week.

Transcription and subtitles

Sous-titres et transcription dans une vidéo
Missing a word in the video? Consult the transcript, or watch with French subtitles. To help you improve every day, you can track your progress. Everything is automatic. Your answers are saved, as is your history. Are you on public transport and have to stop in the middle of a question? No problem, when you come back to the exercise you were working on, you'll find it exactly as you left it.

Free TCF training

Entrainement au TCF avec TV5MONDE
Do you have to take the TCF (Test de connaissance du français)? Practice with our 600 questions designed by France Éducation international. When you feel ready, take a test under real TCF conditions and evaluate your results. You can take the test as many times as you like, and it's free.

The TCF simulator even works without an Internet connection, so you can be sure you won't run into any problems in the middle of the test.

Download & synchronized account

Téléchargement de vidéos, synchronisation du compte
Are you often on the move without an Internet connection, or are you careful with your mobile data consumption? Download some exercises with their video, so you can do them later, offline, whenever you want. You can choose between 3 video qualities for downloading, to avoid saturating your phone's memory.

Do you prefer to learn from your phone when you're out and about, or from your sofa? But occasionally, you like to learn on your computer to enjoy a big screen? No problem, create a free account and your progress will be saved and synchronized between your devices.

Where can I download the application?

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This content has been automatically translated. If you notice any problems, please consult the French version.