Vocabulary / Tourist attractions and activities

A1 Breakthrough
On holiday, learn to talk about the activities you like to do: “aller au marché”, “visiter un monument”, “faire une visite guidée” and other expressions related to tourism.
atelier (l'/un) - participer à un atelier workshop - to participate in a workshop
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cathédrale (la)  cathedral
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château (le) - visiter un château castle - to visit a castle
église (l'/une) - visiter une église church - to visit a church
exposition (l'/une) - visiter une exposition exhibition - to visit an exhibition
monument (le) - visiter/admirer un monument monument - to visit/admire a monument
musée (le) - aller au musée, visiter un musée museum - to go to a museum, to visit a museum
œuvre (l'/une) - admirer une œuvre work - to admire a work
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plage (la) - aller à la plage beach - to go to the beach
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sport (le) - faire du sport sport - to do sport
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tradition (la) - découvrir une tradition tradition - to discover a tradition
visite guidée (la) - faire une visite guidée guided tour - to take a guided tour

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Vocabulary: Tourist attractions and activities

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