Vocabulary / Playing football in French

A1 Breakthrough
Here are some words used to talk about football in French.
We use a lot of English words to talk about football, a sport invented in England. But gradually,  tir (kick) has replaced “ shoot  and “ goal  has become known as gardien de but (goal keeper). We still use corner and penalty. 
On the field
Un terrain de football avec une formation 4-4-2 des joueurs
Tirer (to shoot) - Tirer un penalty (to take a penalty kick)
Marquer (to score) - Marquer un but (to score a goal)
Jouer (to play) - Jouer un match (to play a match)

Football kit
Personne avec une tenue de football
Did you know...?

When a player commits a foulthe referee may issue a warning or a yellow card.
A player who commits a serious foul receives a red card and must leave the field.

Source: website Parlons français, c'est facile ! (2013-2022)

Practical exercises

Le football en français

I play football in French

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