Vocabulary / Outings

A1 Breakthrough
  Verbs for outings   Activities   Places to go out 
aller (à la piscine, au cinéma)
to go (to the pool, to the movie theater)
film (le)
movie (the)
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boîte de nuit (la)
nightclub (the)
proposer (une sortie)
to suggest (an outing)
match (le)
game (the)
cinéma (le)
movie theater (the)
regarder (la télévision, un match)
to watch (the television, a game)
pièce de théâtre (la)
play (the)
concert (le)
concert (the)
sortir (au théâtre, en boîte de nuit)
to go out (to the theater, to a nightclub)
sport (le)
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musée (le)
museum (the)
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visiter (le musée)
to visit (the museum)
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piscine (la)
pool (the)
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voir (une pièce de théâtre)
to see (a play)
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stade (le)
stadium (the)
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théâtre (le)
theater (the)

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Vocabulary: Outings

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