Vocabulary / Housing and rooms

A1 Breakthrough
How to describe a dwelling? “The kitchen”, “the bathroom”, “the toilet”... here are some words you might use to talk about a place.
appartement (l'/un/des) apartment (the/a/some)
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bureau (le) desk (the)
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cave (la) cellar (the)
chambre (la) bedroom (the)
cuisine (la) kitchen (the)
entrée (l'/une/des) entrance (the/a/some)
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garage (le) garage (the)
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grenier (le) attic (the)
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jardin (le) garden (the)
logement (le) dwelling (the)
maison (la) house (the)
pièce (la) room (the)
salle de bains (la) bathroom (the)
salon (le) living room (the)
toilettes (les) toilet (the)
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visite (une) visit (a)
visiter (un appartement) visit (an apartment)

Practical exercises

Vocabulary: The rooms in a residence

4 exercises
Look • Listen • Vocabulary (everyday life / accommodation)