Vocabulary / Household items

A1 Breakthrough
“A pillow”, “a television”, “a table”... learn the names of the household items.
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baignoire (la) bathtub (the)
canapé (le) couch (the)
chaise (la) chair (the)
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cheminée (la) chimney (the)
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évier (l'/un/des) sink (the/a/some)
four (le) oven (the)
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frigo (le) - frigidaire (le) fridge (the) - refrigerator (the)
lampe (la) lamp (the)
lit (le) bed (the)
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micro-ondes (le) microwave (the)
oreiller (l'/un/des) pillow (the/a/some)
table (la) table (the)
télévision (la) television (the)
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toilettes (les) toilet (the)

Practical exercises

Vocabulary: The objects in a residence

4 exercises
Look • Vocabulary (everyday life / objects)