Vocabulary / Hobbies

A1 Breakthrough
“To go to the movie theater”, “to play the guitar”, “to watch television” … and you, what is your favorite hobby?
  Verbs to express likes and dislikes   Verbs for hobbies   Names of hobbies
adorer (le théâtre)
to love (the theater)
aller (au cinéma)
to go (to the movie theater)
cinéma (le)
movie theater (the)
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aimer (le vélo)
to like (biking)
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to sunbathe
guitare (la)
guitar (the)
détester (le sport)
to hate (sports)
écouter (de la musique)
to listen (to music)
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jeux vidéos (les)
video games (the)
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ne pas aimer (la piscine)
to dislike (the pool)
faire (du sport, de la guitare)
to do sports, to play the guitar
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livre (le)
book (the)
jouer (aux jeux vidéos)
to play (video games)
musique (la)
music (the)
lire (un livre)
to read (a book)
piscine (la)
pool (the)
partir (en vacances)
to go (on vacation)
sport (le)
regarder (la télévision)
to watch (television)
télévision (la)
television (the)
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to travel
théâtre (le)
theater (the)
vacances (les)
vacations (the)
vélo (le)
bike (the)
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voyage (le)
trip (the)


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Vocabulary: Hobbies

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