Vocabulary / In the bathroom

A1 Breakthrough
être en forme [to be in shape]

fatigué / être fatigué [tired/to be tired]

propre / être propre [clean/to be clean]

sale / être sale [dirty/to be dirty]

bain (le) - prendre un bain [bath/to take a bath]

brosse à dents (la) [toothbrush (the)]

brosse à cheveux (la) [hairbrush (the)]

brosser les dents (se) [to brush one's teeth]

coiffer (se) [to do one's hair]

dentifrice (le) [toothpaste (the)]

douche (la) - prendre une douche [the shower/to take a shower]

habiller (s') [to get dressed]

laver (se) [to wash oneself]

nettoyer (se) [to clean oneself]

peigne (le) [comb (the)]

raser (se) [to shave (oneself)]

rasoir (le) [razor (the)]

savon (le) [soap (the)]

serviette (la) [towel (the)]

shampooing (le) [shampoo (the)]

toilettes (les) - WC (les) [toilet (the)/WC]

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Vocabulary: In the bathroom

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