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James Bond or Bond James? How to introduce yourself in French by giving your first and last name in the right order?
To introduce yourself or someone else in French, you have to say their first and last name in the right order! 

To introduce yourself, you can use:
  • Je suis / Je m’appelle / Moi, c'est + first name
  • Je suis / Je m’appelle + first name + last name
  • Je suis + Madame/Monsieur + last name
To introduce someone, you can use:
  • C'est / Il s'appelle + first name
  • C'estMadame/Monsieur + last name
Keep in mind that people don't introduce themselves in the same way in every situation.

In an informal spoken context (at a party, with friends...) :
  • you only give your first name (Bonjour, je suis Michèle),
  • you give your first name before your last name (C'est Michèle Pasqual).
In a formal or administrative context, when writing, the last name is placed before the first name (Mme PASQUAL Michèle).

You can also check the following help section: how to give your first and last name in the right order.

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