Pronunciation / Stressing the last syllable

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When speaking French, the inhale comes only at the end of an idea, or group of words.
The strongest syllable in that group is the last syllable pronounced. It carries a stress. This syllable is denoted by how long it lasts.
The other syllables all last the same amount of time / The other syllables are all the same length.

intéressant (dee-dee-dee-dum)

Watch out, the stressed syllable does not coincide with the accent that appears in spelling.

Le cinéma (dee-dee-dee-dum)

Note that in order to illustrate this discrepancy in the length of the exercises, the final syllable is pronounced "dum" while the other syllables are pronounced "dee," which is usually perceived as a shorter sound.

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Pronunciation: Stressing the last syllable

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