Pronunciation / Raising the voice in a question

A1 Breakthrough
In French, the intonation rises when asking a question.
The melody of French encompasses 4 levels: from 1, the lowest range, to the 4, highest range.

Listen to the following sounds and note their melody spanning over the four levels:
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Tu viens au cinéma ce soir ?
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Ce soir, non. Demain, oui.
4           soir ?            
3   viens   ma       soir,     main,  
2 Tu   au ci né   ce   Ce     De    
1                 non.     oui.
4: the tone of the question without an interrogative word.
3: tone of the sentence that is not finished.
2: tone at the start of a statement.
1: tone at the end of a sentence.

Practice with this example and try producing the same melody:
Audio file
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Practical exercises

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