Pronunciation/ The "p," "v" and "b" sounds

A1 Breakthrough

What do you think of French consonants? Awful, normal, rather / really beautiful? You don't know?
Is the difference between
beauté and
voter impossible, difficult, easy to hear?

Is the difference between
beau and
peau or
veau impossible, difficult, easy to pronounce?

In your opinion, which is the most beautiful consonant?
In your opinion, which is the most awful consonant?
Have you ever observed a French-speaker's lips as they speak? The [b] is a deep, lax consonant that is pronounced with the lips, as if you were about give a child a kiss on the cheek. The mouth is closed, the lips are rounded and slightly pushed forward.
The sound
[b] is written: b
The sound
[v] is written: v 
The sound
[p] is written: generally, p, less often pp (grippe).

Start practising!
You can imitate the examples:
- when repeating the example, try saying it fast and slow, yelling and whispering it;
- try repeating in time with the example, as precisely as possible.

Practical exercises

Pronunciation: the "p," v," and "b" sounds

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