Grammar / Questions using 'Combien' (how much) - Demonstratives

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Asking for the price using "combien...?"

There are many ways of asking for the price of something. Some questions are only used when speaking.

1. Pointing at an object without naming it:
- Ça coûte combien ? - (Ça coûte) 3 euros.

- C'est combien ? - (C'est) 3 euros.

- Ça fait combien ? - (Ça fait) 3 euros.

2. Naming the object:
- Quel est le prix de ces tomates ? - 2 euros et 99 centimes.
- Combien coûte cette salade ? - 2, 25€

Money and currency in the main French-speaking countries: the euro (€) in France and in Belgium, the Swiss franc (CHF), the Canadian dollar (CAD), the CFA franc (the currency of several African countries)...
In the video, the prices on display are in Maltese lira. Since the 1st of January, 2008, Malta has been using euros (1€ = 0.429 MTL).



Demonstratives (ce, cette, ces) are used to designate a person or a thing. They are followed by a noun.

Est-ce que tu connais cette fille ? = this girl right here (that I'm pointing at, or that you've already mentioned).

Singular, masculine

ce citron, ce chat, ce travail, ce monsieur...

CE comes before a (singular) masculine noun starting with a consonant.

Singular, masculine

cet ananas, cet arbre, cet hôtel...

CET comes before a (singular) masculine noun starting with a vowel or a silent h.

Singular, feminine

cette pomme, cette orange, cette fille...


ces citrons, ces oranges, ces pommes, ces maisons...

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