Grammar / Negation

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Do you say: “ce n'est pas bien” or “c'est pas bien”? Learn how to form negative sentences correctly with this help section.

Formal (oral or written forms)

 Subject + NE / N' (the verb starts with a vowel) + verb + PAS (+ noun or + infinitive) is used to indicate the opposite of an action or situation.
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Je ne veux pas savoir. I do not want to know.
Je ne comprends pas. I do not understand.
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Je n'ai pas le droit de dire ça. I am not allowed to say that.
SubjectNE/N' (+ verb starting with a vowel) + verbPLUS (+ noun or + infinitive) is used to indicate an action or situation that stops. 
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On ne parlera plus de cette maladie.  We will not talk about this disease anymore. 
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Je n'ai plus faim. I am not hungry anymore.

Informal (oral forms)

Sometimes, when speaking, negation can be expressed without using the “ne” adverb.
Subject + verb + PAS or PLUS... (+ noun or + infinitive)
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C'est pas l'alcool, c'est l'hépatite B. It’s not alcohol, it’s hepatitis B.
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Je veux pas savoir. I don’t want to know.
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J'ai plus faim. I’m not hungry anymore.

Practical exercises

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