Grammar / Infinitive verbs

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“Couper la pomme en quatre”. In this help, learn to use the infinitive to give an order or instructions, which can be useful in a recipe for examples!
Infinitive verbs are used to give instructions (recipes, instructions for use, etc.).

Infinitive verbs ending in -er
Several verbs have an infinitive ending in -er (= regular verbs).

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ajouter le beurre add butter
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étaler la pâte roll out the dough
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mélanger les ingrédients mix the ingredients
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couper cut
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verser pour

Infinitive verbs ending in -re, -ir, -oir

Some verbs have an infinitive ending in -re, -ir, -oir.
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battre les œufs beat the eggs
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mettre au four put in the oven
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sortir le beurre take out the butter

Remark: in a recipe, the imperative can sometimes be used (see help Grammar / Imperative).
Mettez le sucre dans le bol ! Ajoutez un peu d'eau !

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Grammar: verbs in the infinitive form

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