Getting acquainted with the document

- Try to understand the general situation: look at the document or listen to it a first time, and answer the following questions in your mind. What kind of document is it (song, profile, scene from a movie...)? What is the theme of the document? Who is talking? What are they talking about?

- Understanding doesn't mean grasping the meaning of every single word. Do not spend time on each word that you don't know; don't try to translate everything.

- Watch the pictures in the videos carefully for they provide you with a lot of information, and help you understand what the people are saying.

- If you feel that people are speaking too quickly or that it's too complicated, don't worry: you control the playback; you can watch the video or listen to the document several times, take breaks, and see the translated version of the transcript. But be careful, you should practice understanding what is spoken, and not just what is written... and you don't need to understand everything.