Culture(s) / Hobbies: standard behaviour in public places

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In your country, can you smoke in restaurants? Do men have a beer after work? Can men and women kiss in public? Do you have to take your shoes off in places designated for praying?

In most French-speaking countries of Western Europe, atypical behaviour is allowed in public places as part of activities associated with hobbies or partying: playing in the street, having fun, smoking outside, dancing in places intended to that effect, displaying affection in public...

More and more public places are banning smoking from the premises: public transportation, cafes, businesses, administration offices, and companies.

In Western Europe, making noise after 10pm in an apartment or on the street is strictly forbidden.
If at night you are caught disturbing other people's sleep, you may be accused of disturbing the peace.
Furthermore, in many apartment buildings it is forbidden to put laundry out to dry on the balcony.

Wearing shoes in a Christian place of prayer or in a synagogue is allowed. In mosques or pagodas, shoes are forbidden.

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Culture(s): Standard behaviour in public places

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