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And how do people greet each other in your country? Do people shake hands, or do they just nod their heads? Do you say hello the same way to those close to you as you would to those you don’t know so well?

In France, Belgium and Switzerland, people shake hands to greet those they don’t know. Among young people or students, people introduce themselves simply by saying their surnames, along with a small wave of the hand, or a kiss on the cheek.
When people know each other or are friends, they kiss on the cheek (the kiss on the cheek is usually at least two, one on each cheek, and is the equivalent of a hug between friends).

Generally, men shake each other’s hands, but seeing two men kiss on the cheek is not unheard of either. On the other hand, a man and a woman, or two women who know each other will kiss on the cheek. Adults say "tu" to children and kiss them on the cheek, even if they have just met for the first time.

To greet people, you say "Bonjour". Among young people and students, "Salut" is used more frequently.

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Culture(s): Greeting someone

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