Learn French with 7 jours sur la planète on smartphone and tablet

Published on 24/09/2013 - Modified on 07/09/2017
TV5MONDE's application to learn French with words from the news.

Master current French using international French-speaking channel TV5MONDE's "7 jours sur la planète" application for iOS and Android. 
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Lite version (free)
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More than 3000 words in eight languages

From common words – courageux, cinéma, emporter – to specific ones – interdépendant, décolonisation, condamner, OTAN –, the app contains more than 3000 words with their definition in French, a context and their pronunciation. You do not understand the definition? All the words are translated in eight languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, German, Korean, Japanese, Spanish. 
Go further with French expressions
Have you got “la langue de bois”? Do you prefer “la politique de l’autruche” or “mettre les pieds dans le plat”? What is “la fuite des cerveaux”? Journalists and politicians love to use expressions when they speak. For those who feel ready to dive in the subtleties of French language, the app contains dozens of expressions with their definition in French, their pronunciation and some help to know how to use them.
Play games to learn French

Have fun with a selection of new words each week: anagrams, quiz, jumbled words, words to correct and more.
Enjoy memorizing the meaning and spelling of the rich and specific vocabulary used in televised news reports using a fun approach.  

Master French in 4 steps:
  1. "Discover this week's vocabulary" and access the list of words used in the games. Study it thoroughly for the best results.
  2. Play the games as you want. It is easier to begin with level one then move up to level two. Depending on your answers, you will win a bronze, silver or gold medal!
  3. Watch videos of the two weekly reports to gain an understanding of the words in context. Can you pick out the words you have just learned?
  4. To further your understanding of the reports, go to http://www.tv5monde.com/7 jours where you will find different exercises on line.

A score is calculated for each game on the basis of on the time elapsed and the number of right answers. Will you perform better than your friends? Challenge them on Game Center to find out.

A proven memorization technique

Discover and learn the specific vocabulary used in televised news reports easily using a proven memorization technique (the Leitner method) with a list of vocabulary that is unique to its field, compiled following analysis of over 500 current reports.  

For each of the 18 subjects:
  • A list displays all of the words. Each word is accompanied by its translation as well as a progress bar showing you where you are with your learning.
  • Press on a word to view its detailed file with its use in context.

To learn better, a scientific method: the spaced repetition system
  • Press "Study" to begin learning. A word appears. Think about its meaning and spelling then press the question mark to see if you are right. Were you right? Answer honestly.
  • If yes, the progression of the word moves up a level: you will be shown this word again at increasingly greater intervals to check your long-term knowledge.
  • If not, the word progress level goes back to the beginning. It will also appear again within the same series to help you to memorize it better.
  • Each session, the application automatically calculates the words you have to study make learning as efficient as possible.