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Published on 23/08/2013 - Modified on 03/10/2017
Why learn French with TV5MONDE? Doing the site’s interactive exercises will enable you to:
  • Understand today’s French as it is spoken throughout the world,
  • Learn to look at and analyse images,
  • Enrich your vocabulary,
  • Test your grammatical knowledge,
  • Find out about French-speaking cultures.
Why use the Apprendre le français avec TV5MONDE website? The website offers:
  • Hundreds of free exercises from breakthrough to mastery levels,
  • New exercises on line every week,
  • Hundreds of videos on various subjects,
  • A search engine to enable you to find the documents corresponding to your level and interests,
  • Original current content for learning to understand French.

From what level can you use TV5MONDE to learn French?

How does the website work?

  • The Apprendre le français avec TV5MONDE site exercises are interactive and self-correcting.
  • The site can be used independently from breakthrough level upwards as it is multilingual.
  • A search engine enables you to target your searches and to find the series of exercises for your level, interests and the skills you want to work on.
    > How to browse the website?

Where are the Première Classe with TV5MONDE exercises?

  • From now on, the exercises are classified per level; all Première Classe with TV5MONDE exercises are A1 breakthrough level.

Where are the 7 jours sur la planète exercises?

  • The exercises are classified by level; you will find the 7 jours sur la planète exercises in the A2 Waystage levels (four exercises per report), B1 Threshold (four exercises per report) and B2 Vantage (four exercises par report).

How can I access the old Apprendre.TV website?

  • Click on Archives at the bottom of the page of the Apprendre le français avec TV5MONDE website.
  • The old Apprendre.TV site will remain on line until 31 September 2014.

More exercises, more games for learning French?

10 minutes of French a day

  • Watch the TV5MONDE channel in your country:
  • Check your knowledge of conjugation on the TV5MONDE French language page using the multifunction dictionary, test your spelling with letter games, listen to Merci Professeur’s lessons.
  • Learn current vocabulary with the 7 jours sur la planète application (iPhone, iPad et iPod touch - Android version). Each week, memorise new vocabulary by playing with about forty words taken from television reports.
    The application is available in 7 languages: German, English, Korean, Spanish, French, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

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